The authentic UGG Australia boots were known in Australia during 1920s, but they mostly gained application and popularity in 60's and 70's. Firstly they were worn by Australian farmers, then surfers, as to warm up their legs after a long stay in the sea.

               Very soon in Australia the word ugg has become a synonym for the boots made of natural sheepskin. Traditional and genuine UGG Australia boots are made from the finest Australian merino wool, the only one in the world known as 1PP, which is the benchmark of excellence for Merino wool 16.9 microns in diameter or less, and with their manufacturing process, it is one of the most important fact for the quality of UGG boots.

               According to statistics of the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australia is annually visited by almost 7 million tourists from around the world, and the most wanted and best selling item are the original and authentic UGG Australia boots made in Australia.